German Holsteins combine highest milk yields with excellent fertility and health!

German Holstein (Black&White)

The top breed for all dairy specialists!

Advantages of German Holsteins:

  • best performing dairy breed with the genetic potential for over 10.000 kg milk
  • top milkers as fresheners with stable production over many lactations
  • fast rearing for early mating and first calving
  • cows with large, long and deep body for high feed intake capacity
  • solid health and regular fertility, accurate and robust feet and legs
  • excellent udder shape and milkability
  • German Holsteins are best fitting to the demands of modern and large dairy farms
  • the most exported breed from Europe, proven under climatic conditions worldwide

Facts & Figures: 2011
population in total: ~ 5.200.000
cows in herdbook: 1.586.051
Ø milk production (kgs/lactation): 9.008
Ø fat content (%): 4,02
Ø protein content (%): 3,35
Ø production in 1st lactation (kg): 8.187
calving interval (days): 414
first calving age (months): 27,5
culling age (years): >5,4

59% of all herdbook cattle in Germany

With 1.586.051 black-and-white cows registered in the herdbook, Holsteins are the prime cattle breed in Germany. Therewith the worldwide biggest herdbook population of Holsteins is located in Germany!

Their distribution is all over the country, whereby in the south (Bavaria and Baden Württemberg) only a rather small part is kept.
The herdbook breeding of German Holsteins started more than 130 years ago, when the first breeder organizations where founded. Nowadays roundabout 25.000 breeding farms are working daily on the progress of this most successful dairy breed!

INTERBOVES obtains Holstein breeding stock from the region of origin and heartland of the breed between Harz Mountain and North German coastal areas. In cooperation with the breed-inspectors of the herdbook organizations we present to you our livestock directly in the breeding and dairy farms.

After intensive feeding in the beginning of rearing, German Holstein heifers principally are kept on wide and rich pastures, between April and late October for 24 hrs a day. This healthy rearing period is the basis for the future high production combined with health and longevity.

Due to the fast growth and early maturity characteristics of German Holsteins, the heifers can be mated already from being 14 months old, depending from the intensity of rearing. To the first calving a high pregnant Holstein reaches a body weight of 550 to 650 kg.

Characteristic for German Holsteins is their outstanding stature, body length and depth: It enables a huge feed intake and ensures a stable animal health even while high milk production of more than 40 kg a day on the beginning of lactation.

Large and medium sized farms usually feed to their high performing cows with the feed mixer wagon, either a pure total-mix-ration (TMR) or by individual adding of concentrate in the feeding station.

The key of economical success for every dairy farmer is the quality of livestock and its continual progress. Support receives the German breeder from the a.i. centers and herdbook organizations, which collect reliable performance data and calculate the breeding values for his animals.

For the mating breeders can do a careful choice from the huge offer of German and international top sires, but also of annually 1.000 new young sires, which are selected from the best of 0,1 percent of pedigree cows.

Successful breeding programs require a wide usage of milk recording and artificial insemination. With 83% density of milk recording and the use of artificial insemination with 81% in Germany, these percentages are higher than in any other country of the world!

For the best cow families are additionally the biotechnologies OPO/IVP (Ovum pick-up with In-Vitro production) and embryo transfer (ET) in countrywide practice.
Beside the improvement of milk, fat and protein yields, the German Holstein breeding paid high attention to the so-called secondary traits already early on.

Thereby we offer you animals with best disposition in fertility, udder health and functional and healthy feet and legs.

Since decades German Holsteins are exported all over the world and are best approved under the different climatic conditions. No matter whether you run a smaller family or a large cooperative farm - German Holsteins manage smoothly with all varying husbandry conditions.

Benefit from proven quality - Holsteins from the export champion of Europe!