Red Holsteins - Black&White Holsteins One breed in two colour lines!

German Red Holstein

German Holsteins combine highest milk yields with excellent fertility and health!

Advantages of German Red Holsteins:

  • best performing dairy breed with the genetic potential for over 10.000 kg milk
  • top milkers as fresheners with stable production over many lactations
  • fast rearing for early mating and first calving
  • cows with large, long and deep body for high feed intake capacity
  • solid health and regular fertility, accurate and robust feet and legs
  • excellent udder shape and milkability
  • German Holsteins are best fitting to the demands of modern and large dairy farms
  • the most exported breed from Europe, proven under climatic conditions worldwide

Facts & Figures: 2011
population in total: ~ 715.000
cows in herdbook: 138.712
Ø milk production (kgs/lactation): 8.258
Ø fat content (%): 4,15
Ø protein content (%): 3,37
Ø production in 1st lactation (kg): 7.536
calving interval (days): 409
first calving age (months): 28,7
culling age (years): >5,6

5,2% of all herdbook cattle in Germany

About 8% of all Holsteins are of red-and-white color and common in many dairy farms all over the country. The heartland of Red Holstein breeding is in Northwest of Germany.

The herdbook breeding of German Red Holsteins started more than 130 years ago, whereas most of the breeder organizations registered black-and-white and red-and-white animals in solely one herdbook.

As breeding programs and characteristics of red- and black-and-white Holsteins were almost identical, in 1996 the German Holstein breeder organizations decided to have a common breading goal.

Even the majority of INTERBOVES customers do not make a difference between red-and-white and black-and-white Holsteins while selecting their animals. The most important thing is to have high quality cattle – independently of its color!

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