If your livestock could choose its' transportation, the choice would be INTERBOVES.

Transport by road

INTERBOVES carries out road transportation with the leading German livestock carriers. Only strong motorized and reliable trucks with livestock trailers are used, offering the comfort of a great barn.

We entrust our quality stock only to competent drivers with experience in livestock transportation. There are always two drivers for reaching far-away distances without delay.

Check the following detailed photos of our trucks!

...perfect air conditioning system:


  • ventilator control unit
  • 12 powerful ventilators
  • big ventilation laps
  • flexible roof

...perfect care, feeding and watering


  • 1.200 l water tank
  • 2 drinking bowls per box for cattle
  • water nipples for calves, sheep, goats, pigs, etc.
  • storeroom for 50 bales of hay and straw
  • access to the animals at all points

...simply a barn on wheels


  • non slippery loading ramp
  • ...and floor tub
  • flexible stall system
  • hydraulic floors: 2 levels for cattle, 3 for sheep, goats, calves, pigs, etc.

Due to the light construction of the trailers (aluminium) the cargo capacity is maximized and can weigh between 19.500 kg and 21.000 kg per truck. The number of animals per truck depends on the allowed loading density per square meter, as well as on the duration of the trip, the temperature, etc. An indication is presented in the following table:

category assumed weight per head heads per truck
heifers/cows/bulls 580 kg 30 - 35
calves 75 kg 210 - 240
sheep 30 kg 350 - 400
pigs 110 kg 180 - 200
piglets 25 kg 400 - 450

Whenever needed we use ferry trips in the so-called Roll-on/Roll-off procedure, where the livestock stay inside the trailer. In that case the animals can remain in their boxes, being already accustomed to the other animals and to the food and water supply.

If necessary, or if it is advantageous for the animal welfare, we make a stop prior to the ferry trip at an approved holding station. There we unload the animals for an intensive feeding and caring in the barn during at least 24 hours.

As a result the rested animals continue their trip in the freshly littered truck.

Such holding stations are available to us, situated at or close to many of the seaports, as well as on main transit routes of the European continent. We use such barns during road transportation, in case we cannot reach the destination within the legal maximum of transport duration.