If your livestock could choose its' transportation, the choice would be INTERBOVES.

Transport by sea

By sea, INTERBOVES transports your animals with special equipped boats of a capacity for 550 to more than 1.500 heifers. Due to perfect logistics, we load quickly even the largest vessels in sea ports to where we deliver livestock in livestock-trucks from our export and quarantine facilities.

Our sea-freights usually start from livestock terminals at Trieste, Koper and Sete port, but also from any other favorable port, up to your nearest situated seaport.

A huge reservoir of water, high-quality hay and concentrate guarantee that your animals arrive in best feeding conditions even after a long voyage.
Experienced livestock attendants of INTERBOVES accompany every shipment and guarantee for the best supply and handling of your livestock.

The livestock-boats hired by INTERBOVES offer to your livestock the comfort comparable to a modern free barn: convenient foddered boxes, non slippery gates and loading ramps, as well as highly efficient air conditioning.

Contact INTERBOVES for your livestock purchase by boat!